Simplexity GmbH offers consulting services around audio/video-over-IP (AES67, Dante, SMPTE2110, NMOS) including training courses.

Simplexity combines complexity with simplicity. We believe that technically complex solutions can be made simple to use.

Today the real limits of installations  and products are often set by their accessibility, not by functionality offered. We are convinced of the need to break through these boundaries and make complex systems intuitive and easy to use. This is especially true since the industry is currently migrating to IP networking technology, which firsts of all increases the complexity of solutions easily by a factor of 1o.

Our company offers consulting and engineering services for professional audio and video equipment, including IT networks for audio/video-streaming. We have a well-known track record in the professional audio/video industry where we were responsible for the design of game-changing products and technologies, e.g. at Studer, Soundcraft and AKG (by Harman) as well as at Lawo. Therefore we offer consultation services in product development for professional broadcasting, live sound and ProAV installations:

  • Realtime Audio/Video Networking
  • User Interface design
  • Hardware design
  • Product Management
  • Management coaching

However, “Making complex things simple” also applies to the way the industry educate professionals. It is essential to explain the new world in simple words to enable established experts to transition into the new world of IT. This is why we are also passionate about teaching, supporting the industry in bringing together the Audio/Video world with IT. We offer ready-made or tailored training courses in the form of public or in-house events and presentations with topics related to Low Latency Audio/Video-Streaming:

  • IP networking technology for Audio/Video professionals
  • Introduction to professional Audio/Video for IT professionals
  • Dante
  • AES67
  • SMPTE 2110
  • NMOS

If you are interested in benefitting from our experience, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to explore suitable collaboration models.

Simplexity – surprisingly simple!